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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) – All-Disney Edition

How many African-American writers does Hulu have working on their series? Zero, none, zip, nada. (And just 4.8 percent of all TV writers are black.) Behind-the-camera diversity can be as important as in-front-of-the-camera. (Disney is one of the major owners … Continue reading

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Tumblr Blog Humanae Categorizes Skin Color as Pantone Codes

There is a fantastically cool Tumblr blog called Humanae that presents simple photos of people showing their skin (in a safe-for-work way) along with the Pantone code that describes the person’s skin color. (The background for each image also uses … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights & Public Relations

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. displayed a brilliant understanding of public relations throughout the campaign to integrate the South in the 1950s and 1960s. King knew that it would take a combination of action, words, and visibility in … Continue reading

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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe)

As people of color become a majority, is it time for journalists to stop using the term ‘minorities’? When I posted this link to an article from Poynter last week, I got a lot of interesting feedback. PR man @mitchellfriedmn wrote, … Continue reading

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