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How watching a movie leads to Facebook ad

I recently watched the movie The Fifth Element on TV at home, and I don’t believe I posted anything about it, though I certainly searched it for cast and crew information. Fascinating to see that such a low level of … Continue reading

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Porn and New Technology

“I was disappointed that pornography got to the Net. But I’ve come to learn that pornographers are almost always the first ones to adopt new technology. If there is a new way of distributing their product, they’ll find it.” -Vint Cerf, … Continue reading

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Katie Couric leaves “mainstream media” for…. mainstream media?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the media business more mainstream that news anchor/personality Katie Couric.  She represents everything that characterizes legacy media.  She’s had interviews with all the big stars from Hollywood to D.C. She’s a … Continue reading

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What is the Internet?

Last week I asked my Global Media Literacy students what television was.  And the discussion was so much fun, I thought I would try it again this week. So what is the Internet? In some ways, I think my students … Continue reading

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Media News Roundup

The Rise and Fall of the Internet-Predecessor ARPANET A cool animated GIF that shows how the original wide-sale host-to-host network grew and eventually declined.  Fascinating pre-history of the Internet.  Miley Loses Vogue Cover Over Twerking at VMAs You have to … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 10 – Who has the rights to your social media?

The point of having social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and the like to be able to share aspects of your life with your friends and the rest of the world. Which is fine when you are going out … Continue reading

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