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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) – All-Disney Edition

How many African-American writers does Hulu have working on their series? Zero, none, zip, nada. (And just 4.8 percent of all TV writers are black.) Behind-the-camera diversity can be as important as in-front-of-the-camera. (Disney is one of the major owners … Continue reading

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Taking a look back at the summer movie season

It’s been a rough summer for the movie industry, with a lot of big budget movies stumbling and barely making a profit, and the industry as a whole having its second worst summer since 2001. Vox’s Todd VanDerWerf has a … Continue reading

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Pre-Class Video: CATCH – A stop-motion animation shot with Google Glass

I usually have a pre-class video running as students assemble for my Global Media Literacy class.  While I generally collect these videos over on my Tumblr, this semester I’m going to try to post all the ones I use to … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 3 – How Walt Disney Cartoons are Made – 1939

Here is a fun old RKO short on how the Walt Disney studio produced cartoons back in the 1930s.  A great look at old-school animation.  Thanks to /Film for the link. (Pay attention to the narration.  The inking work is … Continue reading

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