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Questions Worth Asking (Maybe) – All-Disney Edition

How many African-American writers does Hulu have working on their series? Zero, none, zip, nada. (And just 4.8 percent of all TV writers are black.) Behind-the-camera diversity can be as important as in-front-of-the-camera. (Disney is one of the major owners … Continue reading

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Link Ch. 9 – NY Times Draws Controversy Calling Shonda Rhimes an “Angry Black Woman”

The story in the New York Times started out provocatively: When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography, it should be called “How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman.” That opening line, and a story that went on to … Continue reading

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Media News Roundup

Al Jazeera America gives viewers a more serious look at the news This summer I had my online media literacy students watch Al Jazeera English online for half an hour. ¬†They were all surprised at how serious of a newscast … Continue reading

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